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The Best Suit Colours For Work

Posted on April 09 2017


Having the correct style for the corporate environment will do wonders for your career advancement. Being a “great employee” is not enough to survive these days; you must look apart and represent your company’s brand to the fullest. 


Black is the safest choice for office wear. It's considered the most simple and conservative color. When you don't have a clue about color, black is a safe bet.  The black suit offers a clean and neat look. It's a power color that will never fail to leave an impact. You will never look overdressed or dramatic when you choose black as your color for your office wear.


Navy is another power color for the workplace. Navy blue is a dominating color and gives you a bit more style points in comparison to black. It will put a right impression on the people around you and make you highly noticeable. A plain white or faint blue dress shirt will go best with this suit colour.

Blue and gray

Blue and gray are very dependable colors. If you can pair them well with your accessories, they can offer a fashion forward look.You can pair literally anything and everything with these colors. The lighter shades are perfect for day time and will give you a very fresh and clean look. But if you are looking for an evening wear or for a conference then choosing darker shades can be more advisable.  These colors don't make your apparels look bold or dramatic. 

Earth tones (brown, tans, grays)

People wearing earthen tones get the most of the complements for their attire. These colors will make you look more approachable and fashion forward in the workplace environment. Earthen tones are perfect for staff meetings, training sessions and many other things. It's one of the most decent color choices for the office wear. Pairing earthen color clothes with matching accessories will really enhance your appearance. Make sure you use off white color for shirts to enhance the beauty of earthen tone coats.

Avoid Flashy Colours And Designs

Using flashy colors and designs will make you look like a fool in your office. Your work attire must represent professionalism and maturity and flashy colours will have the opposite effect. Avoid bright vibrant colours and fancy hand sewn designs as they are best reserved for more formal occasions and not the workplace environment.

Pick The Right Tie

Just like the rule for clothing colors, you must follow the same for ties. Flashy and bold colors don't look well on business suits. Most important rule is your tie should not be lighter in color than your shirt. Colors like black, blue or some shades of greens or a perfect red will never go wrong. A monochrome look with the shirt and tie is not a bad option. Just make sure the fabric you choose for the tie is mostly silk or satin. This small tip will make a huge difference in your appearance.

Try to be simple 

Overloading yourself with lot of accessories will make a bad impression. A simple suit will give a more professional look. Having a couple accessories is fine but do not go overboard. Try to use plain fabric instead of printed one. This will give a minimalistic look. 



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