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What Are The Different Types of Vents For Suits

Posted on April 08 2017


Jacket vents are one of the most important parts of the jacket and can make sure that your jacket looks stylish and feel comfortable. These vents are places on the lower back part of the jacket and are very important to the overall structure of the jacket. Most of the times when we go on for shopping for a jacket, we do not pay attention to the way jacket looks from the back. Vents are very important to give your jacket the much needed appreciated looks from behind.

What are vents?

For all those who are not familiar with the vent it is important to understand that they are located on the back of the blazer, jackets, suits or sports coats. The vents help to ensure that there is comfort while wearing the jacket and to not construct the body of the jacket. Whether you are travelling in a car or sitting on an office chair, suit vents can make sure that you look good and presentable. Another major benefit of rear vents is that they can provide you ease to dig into the back pocket of the trouser and make sure that there is comfort.

When we talk about vents then there are three types which you can choose from. First is the “single vent” which is placed mid back of the suit, second is “double vent” which is placed on the sides of the suit and third one is “no vent”, which is also called as Italian style suit. All the three vents have their own advantages and are preferred by men.

The most important factor which needs to be considered while choosing the vent is the structure of the body. If you are a bit bulkier on the back then it’s important that you select the single vent suit as it covers your behind and does not give undue attention to it. On the other hand, if you select the double vent suit, then it will end up hanging out on your butt which will also create a gap between rest of the jacket and vents.

If you are someone who is in good shape and want to make sure that you have a attractive physique then using a perfectly tailored side vent suit can be a perfect option. Side vent suits will provide a illusion that you are looking slim and make sure that you aid is slimming down the bulkier men. Here is a brief comparison between suits of all the three vents.

1. Single Vent Jacket

Single vent jackets are one of the most common and probably the most preferred types of vent. Most of the pre-stitched suits have single vent as they are the jack of all trades and go well with just almost every body type. Although most of the body sizes can easily fit into this kind of vent, they do not properly compliment most of the body sizes and make it difficult to look good when wearing the jacket. This kind of suit is perfect if you have a larger rear end, as these suits will act as a cover over the butt and not expose it a lot. For the rest of the body types, they are not all that effective as they wont look good and neither would give the proper fitting which you expect from the tailored suits. These type of suits are also called American suits as they were made popular by the Brooks Brothers.

2. No Vent

No vent jacket

No vent suits are one of those types which not a lot of guys prefer using. In reality, most of the guys are frightened to buy this type as there is a myth that they do not look very good on the body. This type of jackets is made for slimmer guys who are not very bulkier in their looks. This is a perfect look for shorter guys as it can make sure that the suit will stick to the body and make sure that you look attractive. No vent suits allow you to look slimmer and bring your body shape perfectly than this one.

3. Double Vent Suits

Double Vent

Double Vent suits are one of the most well crafted suits which can fit perfectly to any kind of body type. The biggest advantage of getting this kind of suit is that even if you put your hand into the pockets the suits do not lose their orientation and look good on the body. Suits made from this kind of type are also perfectly suited for taller men and can make sure that they look great on the body.


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