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What Are The Different Types of Lapels for Suits

Posted on March 24 2017


What are lapels?

Lapels are folded collar type flaps on the front side of the jacket and blazer. They are created by folding the front edges of the coat and are sewed like a collar. We have seen a lot of variations in lapels with the passing of time. Many designers tried their hand on creating various designs of lapels, which enhanced the beauty of a coat. Many fashion lovers prefer trying various styles in the lapels and try to create a fashion statement. Lapels have become a most essential part of a business suit. Even a small change in the lapel can create a world of difference in your appearance.

Generally, all the lapels have a buttonhole on the left side. This can be used for adding accessories to your coat. You can place a flower in the buttonhole to give a nice royal touch to your coat or blazer. Lapel pin is another way to enhance your look. Width of lapel varies with every type of suit. With the years there is a lot of change took place in the width of the lapels. Considering their width and pattern, lapels are classified into 3 basic types.

1. Notched Lapel


Sootz Notch Lapel

Notched lapels are the most common lapels seen in men's suits. Notched lapels offer a typical formal look to your coat or blazer. Notched lapels are the best combination of traditional and contemporary design. These are very commonly seen in all types of coats such as casual blazers as well as full fledged business suits. Notched lapels offer the most versatility in styles. They go perfectly well with each kind of coat. If you have a single coat, then go for notched lapels as they are suitable for every occasion. You can carry them well at work, social outing or even for that big job interview. Notched lapels have a notched collar that meets the jacket in 75 to 90 degree angle. If you prefer using custom tailored suits, then you can create variations by changing the size of the notch. If you prefer choosing wide lapels then you have  more options to get creative designs. If you go for slimmer lapels then there is very less space for notch. Using lapel pins or other accessories looks really good with notched lapels. The best part about using notched lapels is they are suitable for every body type.

2. The Peak Lapel

Sootz Peak Lapel

Peaked lapels are the best choice for men who like to experiment with fashion. In peaked lapels ,the edges of the lapel are pointed and are towards the direction of the shoulders. Peaked lapels are seen in most of the traditional formal outfits such as tailcoat or morning coat. But in modern fashion, they are also now seen in the business formal wear. Peaked lapels offer an elegant and royal look in comparison to notched. Wearing a coat with peaked lapels will surely help you standout from the crowd and show you have a sense of style. Though peaked lapels are not seen as often, they will never make you look overdressed or too funky for an event.

3. Shawl Lapel

Sootz shawl lapel

Shawl lapels are completely different from the previously mentioned notched and peaked lapels. Shawl lapels don't have any pointed notches and have more rounded and soft edges. The lapel width is relatively thin. Shawl lapel is specifically designed for formal wear and is not appropriate for the corporate environment or everyday wear. Pair this lapel with a tuxedo jacket to play it safe. This particular lapel can always be made of different fabric such as satin.

Other Important Factors To Consider

When it comes to choosing the lapel for your suit you have to make sure you make the right choice. Choosing the wrong type of lapel can spoil your fashion statement. The following are the basic tips that will help you to choose the right lapel for your suit.

Occasion: Always dress according to the occasion. This will save you from looking funky and over dressed. Notched lapels are suitable for every occasion but you can used peaked or shawl lapels for more formal occasions

Not every lapel complements the jacket the same. For double breasted suits and tuxedos, shawl lapels are ideal. These lapels don't go well with casual blazers.

Body type

Considering your body type while choosing lapels is a very important factor. Slimmer lapels will look really flattering on thin people. Maintaining the proportion of width of lapel with shoulder size is really important. The wider the shoulder, the wider the lapel.



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