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The Best Suit Colours For The Summer

Posted on March 22 2017

Sootz Summer Suits

Summer is just around the corner and do you know what that means? More suit colors and different fabrics to experiment with! This blog will cover fashions tips for rocking your summer suit, trending colours and ways to style your accessories!

Sootz summer patterns

Summer Suits

The bright side of summertime  is that it gives you freedom to play with colors a bit more and for once you can take leave of those basic uniform colors of navy, black and charcoal. Yes, you are right, most of the shades will still revolve around these fundamental colors only but how you team it up with bright or bold colored dress shirts, ties and accessories could really bring life to your wardrobe and nobody will undermine the professional appeal of your ensemble.

Another area where one needs to pay attention is the fabric of the suit. Fabric that has higher breathability and is light weight are most suitable for hotter months for better cooling effect. Natural fabric has those qualities. In North America cotton and seersucker is quite popular among other summer friendly fabrics. The summer friendly fabrics are – Linen, Cotton, Seersucker, Silk, Fresco, Chambray and Cashmere Wool.

Having said that, it certainly does not mean that one could just mix and match any bold color that you lay your hands on. There’s a specific color palette that goes with summertime men’s wardrobe. Let’s have a look at what these hues are:

  • Lighter shades of gray
  • Baby Blue
  • Shades of Tan and Khaki
  • Shades of red
  • Maroon or Berry

A whole range of shades around these colors will go great with the summertime weather. But for the business environment, you’d have to pick around gray and navy only. Anything else will run the risk of looking informal. As it goes with black – it is not a day time color. It is more appropriate for evening occasions. Let us discuss these various summer colors one at a time.

Lighter shades of gray

Sootz Grey Suits

This widely popular shade gives the most elegant look and goes well with nearly all summer fabrics. The neutral shade adds more vibrancy to your wardrobe as you could team it up with somewhat bold accessories, like a white or pink color button down dress shirt and a navy color pocket square neatly tucked in the breast pocket and a chic belt paired with matching shoes. This will give a dapper look to your appearance.

Baby Blue

Sootz Baby Blue

Those of you, who are interested in shedding that grim look of classic block colors that are mostly used in business environments, will truly love this option. Not only will it make you look suave but add to that much needed fun element to your surrounding. Giving you an air of a lively persona, this shade is ideal for summertime. Baby blue goes best with linen ,seersucker or cashmere wool fabrics.

Shades of Tan And Khaki

Sootz khaki suit

Beyond the realm of boardrooms, this shade goes really well for semiformal daytime look in menswear during summertime. This is also a neutral shade that enhances the overall look by pairing it with range of different colors without losing its own appeal for looking cool. A khaki suit worn with blue and white chequered shirt looks particularly lively in the summers.

Shades of Red

Sootz Shades of Red

For the braver ones who are not particularly looking at dressing for business look, this spring summer season brings an exciting range of shades to suit up. From cherry red to crimson red, vibrant shades are seen in menswear collection of lately. While these shades might not be appropriate for a lot of occasions but once in a while to go experimenting with your wardrobe in an informal event, one could really grab everyone’s attention by pulling off this red suit look with well-coordinated accessories.

Maroon or Berry

Sootz Cashmere Red

This is another trend setting bold shade that’s making appearance in menswear range for summertime wear. One big advantage with this shade is that it could also be as easily worn during fall, making it a staple for a man’s wardrobe.

Other Details

Sootz texture

If these lovely shades are not enough to make your summer vibrant and come alive, you could also make further difference with using different patterns and the textures. Two popular patterns are block colour pattern and textured patterns. These bring about variety to your wardrobe.

If you are now only beginning to build your suit wardrobe, we suggest that you stick to classic shades – navy blue and charcoal gray. And bring variety around those shades with experimenting in textures and patterns. As the shades go paler, patterns become more highlighted that go really well during spring and summer months.

Acquiring a quality suit is usually an expensive affair and unless you are filthy rich to care about the money that went into getting it, you would do well to build your wardrobe more strategically. Instead experiment more with your accessories to complete the look. Invest in some really cool pocket squares, chic belt buckles, and statement making ties and look defining footwear. And last but not the least, some cool varied dress shirts that bring out the complete look of your suit.



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